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Urgently need help

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A picture worth a thousand words! Please help on how to solve this problem!
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This is an interesting dilema. Your carpet is becoming a floating "magic" carpet.

I don't really know how to fix it, but I'm wondering if, as a temporary fix, sticking a few golf tees down into the carpet and then through to the substrate would be sufficient to keep it fastened down.
i guess by now you realize that you should have been trimming your plants.
things like this happen when you dont trim. i would cut it back, replant and start over and keep it trimmed.

when you get a good amount of plant growth on top of the bottom of your carpet what can happen is the bottom of the plant will start to rot out because its not getting enough light.

your situation looks different from that though, like its just floating away and pulling the roots out of the substrate

i like the way it looks though (aside from the part pulling up). real nice thick lush carpet.
Is that HC or HM? It is nice and thick!

Thank you for everyone that try to help.

This is what I found this morning. I don't know how this fish got between the plant and the glass!!! (There just wasn't any gap in there!) But it do survived the ordeal! Look like I have no choice but start all over again!

By the way, its HC and they are really easy to growth with enough light and lot of Excel.
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That is one THICK carpet you've grown. How long did that take? Also, I kind of think that slanting carpet looks kind of cool....just a pity there is nothing behind it but empty space. Too bad all of this wasn't intentional... But nice tank, nonetheless.
I started this tank on June this year with less then 40 stems of HC from my old tank. They were planted stem by stem and grow to this in 5 months.
Good lordy, that's the thickest HC I've ever seen! You should have sold parts of it off and replanted months ago! With HC you have to rip it out, sell some off, and replant what you have left because it will get too thick and uproot as you've experienced. The same happens with my UG except it happens every 2-3 months.
Wow teach me your secrets you are truely the master of hc
Wow! That is amazing. If you don't mind, can you tell us the specifics of the tank and light? It's great to see such growth with just excel.
Look carefully at that last photo, at the extreme left. See what I see? The Loch Ness monster is in there!

This must be the only hobby where extreme success can be as painful as extreme failure.
i had the exact same thing happen to me
the hc got too buoyant for the roots to hold
i took it all out and started over
now i try to keep it trimmed back
when it fills in totally it has nowhere to grow but up
you have enough hc there to plant 50 tanks :icon_eek:
The tank is fert with Tom Barr method. Everything are done according to the thread in this forum. Trace are Tropica PLANT NUTRITION. 5ml of Excel are being dose daily. The tank was also pres CO2 at ph 6.5. Temp at 25C controlled by a heater and a cheap hang on tank fan.

Light by a 150W MH Hang on tank 8 hours a day supplemented by a moon light according to moon phase period.

All are controlled by a secondhand GHL ProfiLux 3 controller with doser. Feed by an Ehiem auto feeder (the cheaper one). Water level are also controlled by the Profilux.

Only manual tasks are 50% water change every week and vaccum of the hc every other week.

Filter is Ehiem pro 3 ??? (The smallest one) clean every 2 month.

Other important factor are 5 Otos that keep the tank free from BBA.
I'll buy some.
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