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Urgent: Pest Control and fish keeping!

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Hello all! I need to get pest control done at home soon(bedbugs) but I'm quite worried because I really don't see a way to shift fish with so many special needs! I have 7 different compartments right for just 10 fish(killie males)! What can I do to keep them safe without moving them out?
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Get some plastic (3 mil) and good duct tape from your local hardware store. Turn off and remove your air pump(s) from the area, keep them in your car or some place where they won't get exposed.

Tape over the open end of the air tube. Roll up the air tubing and tape it to the side of the tank.

Wrap each tank up, in a way to mineralize folds in the plastic (nasty chemicals can get stuck in the folds and later fall into your tank). Tape over the folds. Make sure that they are sealed up good, so no nasty chemicals get in.

After the treatment.

Clean the areas around the tanks, and air pumps. Vacuum the area, and the tanks. Whip the plastic covering the tanks off with water. You want to make sure nothing Unwrap the tanks, very carefully. restore your air pumps. Do a 25-50% water change. Replace the carbon in your filters. If you don't use carbon - start using it for the next few weeks (it will help clean a lot of the nasty chemical form the water).

If you have any trouble with your fish afterwards, try another water change.
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