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would Urau be the one thats eating my java fern??
im suspicious because it really the only fish in there, and after i added him my java fern started disappearing.
any help. i appreciate it
i like him alot, but not if hes eating my plants :icon_twis
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Its diet must be varied and must include vegetal (lettuce, spinach, peas, zuccini and even some fruit like peach), sometimes they also bite and eat the driftwood of the aquarium, because of that, you must not put varnished driftwood inside the aquarium. because they love to eat veggies live plants are a bad idea in the tanks of these fish, since they will end up being devoured by the appetite of Uarus.
thanks for the quick response man, looks like i gotta get him a new home
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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