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ur fav plants?

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anubias....I liek the look of it
japonica great to aquascape wid it...looks nice between rocks
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Any kind of moss. My favorite moss, that I currently have, is Christmas Moss. I like the "thick" look of it. Sure Java and Taiwan are nice, but Christmas just kind of draws my eye toward it.

Although that could change when I get Fire Moss later this year. I want to do my entire foreground with it. Could be cool.
Ya I never tried xmas moss , Im gonna get it....

gonna put it on my drift wood and riccia infront of it on the rocks...they say to put riccia infront of the moss cuz moss is dark green where as riccia is lite green and will give u great color contrast

I have seen fire moss and it looks wicked :icon_smil
My fav's are Giant Hygro, and nymphaea micrantha.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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