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Upside down catfish opinions?

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Hey everyone,

Just looking for some opinions on this fish, I assume it's Synodontis nigriventris.

They're getting rid of the fish tank at my wife's work and are looking for homes for 3 of these guys.

My issue is that the only tank I have room for them at the moment is a 75 gallon high tech tank. Water parameters seem to be in line with what I've read about them but it's high light obviously, plenty of plants but with no real surface cover. I've never kept these guys before and I'm wondering if that is appropriate.

The internet says they like dimly lit with surface cover so they can swim higher up and see everything below them. I'm worried they'll be miserable in this tank. But the internet has misled me before so I thought I'd check out what people here have to say.


I suppose I should also add that the tankmates are rummynose tetras, harlequin rasboras, sterbai cories, and a sae.
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I had a few of them and they were hardly ever seen. They found a cave in the driftwood and hardly ever left it except at night to eat some sinking food. The tank had only a few harlequin rasboras and had plenty of plants and floaters for cover as well. I was hoping to see them swimming around in the open but that never happened.
There is definitely a lot of hiding spots for them to disappear into if they wanted to. Thanks.
i love mine. they are out & about in the rocks. their newest trick is to swim across the bottom of the tank, up the front of the tank, across the top upside down & down the back wall of the tank. sometimes i get 2 going at once like they are racing. so cool.
april - Ya, they look like they could be cool.

I guess since no one is screaming bloody murder I'll assume that bright lights and lack of high up cover isn't too much of an issue, worst case being I just don't see them much.
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