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UPS Shipping Route?

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I bought some stuff that's non related to aquariums from Florida and I'm tracking it through Just curious to why it gets to different states so many times rather than just 2 states instead to reach destination.

Routes in order..

Florida to Alabama to Tennessee to Missouri to Colorado to Utah .... I guess next stop is California or probably Nevada?

Seems a bit weird to me how this all happens. I would of thought they go through 2 or less states.

Anyone feels like chiming in on this? Just for me to help understand how it works.

When I was 18, almost 10 years ago.. I worked for Fed Ex so I know a little bit about terminals but this just seems "stupid".
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Resource/money/efficiency issues.
If a single truck have to deliver from a starting state like CA for example, and have to deliver to another state throughout the entire trip, you will have to use a lot of trucks for every other states.

CA -> FL, NY, NJ, NE, FL, PA, TX, etc...
MA -> FL, NY, NJ, NE, FL, PA, TX, etc...

Then you need more trucks for other starting state locations.
Not only does this increase costs and waste of resources, but it would also be inefficient. They would have to make more round-trips just to ship your package and packages of the same destination. Then you have to take in consideration you will have to make this round-trip everyday for each 2 pairing states.

With multiple stop terminals and sort facilities, they can ship a lot more packages to different destinations with a lot less amount of trips and trucks at the cost of additional transit time.

That's also what the other shipping options are for; go through less terminals for you to ship your package quicker at higher costs.
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They are driven in trucks, not flown in planes. The path across the country in a truck has man stops...
A recent filter I bought that went through UPS whne like this: CA/IL/WI/IL/Green Bay WI. Not sure why it when to IL twice when it when to WI. Though, the citys in WI and IL where not to far a part.
Maybe UPS knows by now how to be efficient and this must the most efficient way.
I thought the company I purchased from was actually trying to go the cheapest package route, since I did had a set date that I was purchased, called numerous times only to be promise to ship the item the following business day but instead end up shipping it 4 days later.

I remembered last year ordering numerous items from New Jersey that was shipped by UPS and it arrived within 3 states terminal and that wasn't by any special delivery.

I just thought it was weird how it's jumping over 5+ states to get to CA when from NJ it took 3 states.

Thanks for the better understanding.. I think.
I'm sure it is UPS ground, but they can not choose which route UPS uses to ship it. It is either ground or air, there is no choosing for a package to the long way.... It would actually cost UPS more to make a package go out of the way, so I highly doubt that would make sense.
Well at least tracking is actually tracking, I keep checking USPS Delivery Confirmation which really isn't tracking like every 10 minutes just to see if has been moving... it really bugs me when I don't see a scan at the origin within the same day it was dropped off. Heh heh heh...
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