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Upgrading to Finnex Lights

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I'm going to throw down some cash as I need additional lighting.
I normally go with another company but will be trying finnex.

95 percent of the tanks I have are 12 inches in depth.

Consider 5 gallon, 10 gallon, 20 gallon long, 33 gallon long etc.

Rather than dig for answers, which fixtures should be purchased?

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Low/med/high light plants?
What type of tanks? ie shrimp tank? Full planted? Grow out tank, etc?

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Planted plus are great lights. I run 2 on a 15 gallon and 1 planted plus and 1 ray 2 on a 40b. I like the light to be bright so 1 light might be sufficient for your application depending on your needs.
Mix low/mid some high.
Still keeping my ho t5 fixtures operating.
Losing ballasts on my first generation led fixtures.
Low light, get regular fugeray. Had 1 on a 12" cube grew plants slowly even with CO2
Low-med get planted plus, have 2 on a 20L and replaced my 12" fugeray (have a large piece driftwood that blocks light so I got a 2nd to get better coverage up front.
High get ray2 (don't have these but I know the other 2 won't give you really high light)

If you have a wide tank, you may want 2 fixtures or find a way to lift the light for better coverage.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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