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Hi everyone,

I'm planning on upgrading to a new tank in the coming weeks, but my situation is a bit complicated (in my head). So I wanted to approach this forum and seek some advice.

Current Tank - 38G Bowfront (deteriorating seals in one of the edges)
  • CO2 injection​
  • EI dosing​
  • Sand substrate​
  • PennPlax Cascade 1200 Canister filter​
  • Nicrew Plant Light​
Upgrade Tank (not yet setup) - 40G Breeder + Pine Wood Stand (both custom made)
  • CO2 injection (reuse from 38G bowfront)
  • EI dosing
  • Fluval Stratum
  • Fluval 307 Canister filter
  • Fluval Plant LED 3.0 light
  • Will be reusing the hardscape from current tank (wood and rocks)
I've upgraded tanks before but not the substrate, filter, and tank all at once. In my head, this is basically a new planted tank even if I'm bringing over the hardscape and filter media. Ideally, I wish to give this new tank a month or two to settle and find its balance and cycle properly. Not to mention that my pH on the new tank should be considerably lower around 6.5 compared to 7.5 right now.

My current plan is to drain my 38G as much as possible without needing to net out my livestock. Then move it to a temporary place and refill it with the same water. Then I will setup my 40G in its place, removing the hardscape from the 38G, planting it, etc. After a month or so, I'll move the livestock to the 40G once the plants and water balance stabilize.

Any thoughts on my plan? Is there an easier way of doing this?

Thank you.
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