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upgrading lighting - 2 x 2odn or AHS from HQI

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Ok, this has been rehashed a million times, but I have been away for a bit, and am curious if there is any new ideas.

I have a 250 hqi - with a dead bulb. At $75 a bulb, this gets tiring. Even before the bulb died, the light level was only ok - probably because I was trying to stretch it over a 36" tank - also a lot to do with shading.

Currently am running a single 2xodno to keep things alive - the 2x odno is bringing out reds that the 250 hqi never did.

Please, can the hive mind help me with my next decision. Should I get another hqi bulb, should I get another wh5 ballist and double my 2xodno to 4 bulb, should I call AHS and get a 96 watt bright kit, should I call them twice and get 2.... Should I take out a morgage and get a Nova III :icon_wink

Will update this post in a few seconds with a link to my tanks site so you can glance at it to see how it can be improved.

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Well, I cant say what would be the best, I am still figuring out what I want to do for lighting on my next two tanks I am setting up. But if its cost of bulb replacement your concerned with ODNO T8's would be the way to go. 2x96W bulbs from ahsupply cost abotu the same as a 250W HQI. If your willing to run 6500K's you can replace T8's for like $3 a pop. maybe you could try your same setup but limiting you MH burn time, how many hours a day do you run it now? Is it vented enough? I am not familiar with your tank, is it a 4' tank or shorter? I was assuming 4' T8 bulbs, and if that is the case 4 bulbs 2X each should be plenty of light I would think.
Have you thought about T5's? They are similar to PC bulbs, but more efficient as they are stretched out. 3ft HO flavor eats about 39W per bulb, and with 3 of them over your tank you should get some nice plant growth.

Buy a ballast and some reflectors, no big deal if you know the basics of connecting fluorescent lights.

Just another idea...
AHS was increadably quick with shipping. Will be installing the lights this weekend, hopefully can salvage most of my species - I have lost about 50% of my biomass during this dim out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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