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Upgrade to Finnex Planted+?

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I'm planning on upgrading from the Finnex Stingray 30" to the Finnex FugeRay Planted+ 30." I feel as though the Stingray is helping the algae grow more then my plants combined with the Bioload of two goldfish in a 36 gal bow front. I want this tank to grow low-medium light plants without having to use pressurized Co2. I use root tabs, column ferts and liquid co2 from nilcog.

The plants I'm trying to grow are Hygro diff. Hygro sp. tiger, red tiger lotus, anubias, buce, ferns, crypts, several swords, ludwigia sp. red, and Lacustris Rotala caterpilliar, lobeia cardinalis small form and maybe dwarf sag, but last time I tried it my goldfish devoured it.

I have my Stingray up for sale and I've done a lot of research I just want to make sure that this will decision will help me and not force me to switch to pressurized Co2 which I don't have the space or money for right now. Its about 19 in from light to substrate and I have the light over the plastic hood of the tank.
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