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So, I joined this site a few years ago and posted about a 26 gallon Bow Front I was picking up. Original post here:

That tank went through a few design changes, but basically kept the same fish inside, until I decided to go bigger!

Some photos attached starting with the original tank, then bringing the tank home in a snow storm, equipment in the car, new stock!, and the final layout.

92 Gallon Corner Drilled with Overflow
Marineland Tidepool 2 Sump with Rio+ 3100 pump
Aqueon 36" Modular LED with 2 x Daylight LED Strip and 1 Colormax Strip
Coralife 24" Dual T5 with Daylight and Colormax Bulbs
30# of Flourite Red from old Tank (base in the back corner of new tank)
80# of Eco Complete Black

Stock List:
7 Silver Hatchet
5 Tiger Barbs
5 Roseline Sharks (Denisonii Barbs), 2 Juveniles and 3 Adults from old tank
4 Petricola Catfish
2 Pictus Catfish
2 Hillstream Loach
2 Dwarf Blue Gourami
1 Leopard Ctenopoma
1 Chocolate Gourami
1 Candy Stripe Pleco (L137)
1 Angel Pleco (L004)
1 Red Tailed Shark
1 Penguin Tetra (he got evicted from my wife's tank after killing an Angel, Penguin Tetra and 2 Rummy Nose Tetras)


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I'd be concerned about the pictus with those fish. They get a good size and have large mouths and appetites, might eat your fish
I thought the same thing, but then was thinking that the Cardinals should stay off the ground and in the middle of the tank. I've not yet seen the pictus flying through the middle of the tank or anything.

Need to watch them a bit closer to see how much of an issue it would be.

I think the tank is still missing something, but I'm not sure what. Maybe Cardinals, Maybe some Celestial Pearl Danios, maybe just more/different hatchet fish.

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So the adventure continues. The temp has been slowly creeping up! It's at 81 from an electronic thermometer and 82-84 on a sticker thermometer on the side. Grabbed a seachem pH monitor and it is reading very high. We have very hard water that is about 7.4 out of the tap and the monitor and API liquid kit confirm the tank is at about 8.2-8.3.

Looks like I have some work to do to get the parameters a little more where I want them which would be high 7 on pH and about 78-79 temp.

But some of the plants are really growing. I had one plant rootball from the old tank with about half centimeter green sprouts on it. Now see the pc below after just a week in the new tank and the Eco-complete, it's about 6" tall!
Green Water Plant Terrestrial plant Aquatic plant

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