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UPDATED :) Good thoughts/prayers for my wife on Thursday would be appreciated!

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Hi Everybody,

Haven't said much about it on this board yet, but my wife is a long term Brain tumor survivor (almost 5 years!) She had a ping-pong ball sized Anaplastic (grade 3) Oligo-Astrocytoma removed through surgery, along with radiation and a year of chemotherapy.

She has done very well, all scans remain stable and unchanged - the absolute best result you can have with brain tumor treatment (they never call you cured or in remission, but no signs of re-occurance is the perfect result!) She is home on disability (both from this and MS) and has many deficits in her life, but we are very grateful that she has done very well!

She is currently getting MRI's every 6 months, and this Thursday is the big day!

This is the message we sent out today:

Time flies doesn't it? It's been six months already and it is time again for Brenda's MRI. As you can imagine it is always a nervous and tense time. We would like to ask you to keep Brenda in your thoughts and prayers leading up to and on Thursday, October 4th. We pray for those wonderful words - stable & unchanged! We truly appreciate all your support since this all started. It means more than you can imagine.

Thanks so much!

Thanks Everyone!

I copied all your responses in an email to my wife, she just responded with this and I thought you all should see it !

Hi Hon,

The only word that comes to mind is Wow! I felt so good by all of these responses and they all mean so much. Just when you think one group of people (your cigar board) can surprise you with compassion and care and concern – then comes along another group of people who just wow’s you again – the aquarium board. Not only did I feel they care greatly – but to know that others understand and have been through the same or similar experiences really meant so much. Please let everyone know how much their support means to me (us) and how much it touched my heart. Thank you sweetheart for sharing all of this with me. You are the number 1 support in my life and I love you with everything inside of me.

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You have my best wishes (as MS has touched my family) hope all is clear on thursday.

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Praying very much for you and your wife. I know what you are going thru. And, I have seen prayers answered many, many times. Good answers, though not necessarily the answers I wanted.

One of my daughters. Emily, has had an illness very similar to MS (but even more rare) since 1996, and also two separate brain tumors, removed by two surgeries. She gets two to four MRI's of her brain and spine yearly.

I have some orders for you: Pray, no matter what. Stay positive, no matter what. Stay close to her, no matter what.
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