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Updated Betta tank

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Got some new plants in the beta tank! Was wondering about a couple more plants, would that be too cluttered!? Maybe add a couple white river rocks! Have a snail to help with maintenance. What ya think!? I am starting to see a little algae, would taking an hour off my timer help with that!? Thanks!


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What light fixture are you using, and how long are you running the lights now?

No CO2 on this tank, correct?
I have a Finnex Planted Plius. Running 8 1/2 hours a day on a timer. Nope, no CO2! Try to stay out of that realm.

Noticing a little brown stemming, but have flourish tabs. So think they have enough nutrients!
The Planted + is probably a bit overkill without Co2. Reducing the time will help some, as will adding more plants to absorb nutrients. You might consider dosing Excel daily as well.
I was told that Planted Plus would put me in the medium - high range! Had LED's before by Deep Blue that was the opposite, so wanted a step up! I guess I can reduce the time. I just yanked anachrias plant that was rotting. Think that contributed.
Yeah, cutting back on the amount of light would be a big help. I have the same size tank (guessing 2.5) with the same light. Before I added floaters I was having a heck of a time managing algae.
It's a ten gallon tank! I have amazon swords, which I'm worried about growing. In fact I just posted about that haha.
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