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Just did a 'Fall Season' clean-up of my planted discus tank, with a huge plant trimming to give my 'hogs' a little more swimming room as they grow !

Tank: Osaka 260
Lighting: 2x 39w T5HO - 8hrs/daily
Filtration: 2x AC 110's - water polishing with Purigen & filter floss
Substrate; white silica PFS
Maintenance: 2x week -70% wc's - weekly filter media rinsing/cleaning/ or replacements
Plantings: Swords, Anubias, Red & Tiger Lotus, Hygros, Ludwigia, Crypt
Ferts: Root tabs half-yearly, weekly dosings of Excel, Flourish C.S., Trace, Tailored Aquatics, NPK - (hardscape: 2x DW)
Stock: 10 juvie & sub-adult discus (4 Red SnakeSkins, 4 Flamingos, 2 Eruption Leopards - along with small number of dithers - Rasboras, Cardinals, Cories)

Care to have a peek:

Hope you like it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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