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Some of you may remember my nano from way back when (October?). My nano has changed quite a bit since then. Ive since then battled and defeated a horrbile case of cyanobacteria and redid the tank. Minus many plants, a lost puffer (mature) and any scaping.

Here is the before: (one month in)

Water Plant Plant community Vertebrate Green

Here it is now:

Plant Plant community Green Light Water
Water Plant Plant community Vertebrate Green

there have been zero trimmings yet since the replanting. Plants include stargrass, blyxa japonica, HM, Didiplis (sp?) Diandra, and an unknown redplant that I recieved at a DVAGA meeting (I cant remember its name, I should have written it down).

Puffers killed my shrimp, lone otto left.

EI dosing, pressurized CO2, excel. 18wpg via current CF fixture.

Thanks for looking, and check back after trimming for newlayout/scape 2.0


**p.s. Become a SUPPORTING member! Yay!** I just did, and look at all those beautiful attachments!
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