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Update on female betta, and tanks

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It was a tiring day yesterday. I was going to replace the 50watt heater in my 2gallon tank, but instead I got a 25watt heater and set up a 5 gallon tank. :p

There it is, all my hard work : )

Im hoping to get another male betta, sadly edward (current male betta) is getting pretty old. Hes not eating at all (hes not bloated though)

(is he ok???) and he rests the whole day. He sometimes tries to go suicidle. Jumping at the top of the water and wakes me up. :(

Anyway, I would possibly like to attempt breeding my new female betta. :) I would be a total newbie at that. So advice would be helpful or any storeies. Should I breed them (i dont have a male for her yet, btw) when I have time to watch them all day? Should the male be bigger than her, hwo much bigger? Edwards like 4 inch and shes only 1 and a half. :smile:

Shes very curious, and loves to swim around the tank with her danio friend.

Haha, shes really chubby from all the bloodworms she just ate. I hope im not over feeding her!!! :icon_sad:

Thank you for viewing!

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You want them to be the same size for breeding. Check out speedie408's journal.i got 17 if his babies...need to get rid if a him for some advice.
Get more plants, and hiding places in your tank in order to breed. Don't leave it bare!!
Fatten up the male and female prior to trying, give them a varied diet. Male should be placed into tank first. When comfortable he will create a bubble nest, this means hes ready to get it on.

Place a female in the tank and cross your fingers. Within the first few minutes your male beta will try to court her and will display his finnage better then you've ever seen it before. He will continue to try and show off to her, and eventually given time she will start to produce eggs. The male will squish them out of her, he will put them into his bubble nest and guard them. I suggest that when they hatch you remove the male.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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