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*UPDATE* 3/3--A few blackberry shrimp deaths, help me fix my parameters plz!

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Hey guys. I have had 2 out of 12 shrimp die since I acquired them on the 18th of February. One was over the first night and the other just yesterday. It had the crack just behind the head which seemed to me it was a molting issue. Here are my parameters.


So with this at hand I figured lowering the kH and gH values might be the best course of action. I grabbed some RO water and am ready for water changes. Any other thoughts? Recommend how should I go about the change if you suggest one please
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I would VERY slowly change the water parameters. Take some of the water out and then Drip the RO water in. Like you were acclimating a VERY sensitive. fish. REALLY slowly. Testing the water as you go.

I agree drop the temp, Shrimp like temps 75 or below
KH is pretty high. Gh you could lower but i wouldnt go below 5. If your going to do a change, do it slowly. I would do 10-15% water volume drained out, and drip RO back into the tank. Check params and go from there. Another route would be to get a remineralizer and make your own water with your RO. Another note, i would maybe drop that temp a little. 72-76 max. Hope this helps!
Thanks guys. I have the Fluval shrimp mineral supplement right now. It says gH increaser, is that more a generalization? Should I use that with every water change to keep kH and gH more stable?

I am using the drip method to do a 15% water change right now using RO. As for the temperature there isn't much I can do. I keep my apartment at 77 and the light gives off a little heat. Ill check the temp after it has been off all night, and later today to see what the average temp usually is
when you do this water change ONLY use RO without remineralizing it. do it slow, take your time. check the parameters tomorrow.

get a small clip on fan for the tank.
I use RO Water and Fluval Shimp Mineral Supplement right now. I have Salty Shrimp GH+ /KH + on the way though. I keep my temp at 73 degrees, and I get a TDS reading of 200. GH is 8, and KH is 3, PH is 6.5, there is just a touch of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate right now. There is moss on about 1/3rd the floor of the tank and two moss balls, and a couple of plants. I have a sponge filter, and back filter with sponge on the intake of the back filter. It is a 10 gallon tank and I have a small 2.5 gallon tank for emergency.
First thing I noticed was the temperature. but Since you can't lower that...
Do you see any shrimp with white inside of them?

Do you see any shrimp with white inside of them?
living shrimp with white? where would it be exactly? I see a tan or brown looking saddle here and there

So after a 15% water change I am at


DEVELOPMENTS: I should add that over the past two weeks I have seen a lot of molting activity. I would estimate that at least 6 or 7 of the original 12 have molted. After the water change yesterday I just found another two molts. I also saw a shrimplet! I wasn't fast enough to get a picture but that is very promising!
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Bacterial infection present themselves as opaque paper white inside the body.

Good to hear that you saw a shrimplet recently. :)
A victory followed by a tragedy :( my fiance called me at work and told me she found two shrimp bodies today. I'm going to talk to petco today because my water is pretty stable I can't figure anything else out. I'll look for the white spots but I don't recall seeing this

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Here's a pic of a bacterial infected shrimp I googled:

I used to be paranoid about foggy bodies until I learned that bacterial infections are much more white and opaque.
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Ok no I'm definitely not seeing that. I did go to petco who is replacing them for me, we get adult shrimp from there and I have to wonder how old they actually are, should I keep lowering kh and Gh below 6?

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So I'm having about 1 shrimp die per day, and it seems to always be overnight or early morning. I did another slooooow 15% water change and I'll check my water tonight but the only thing was maybe a little high was kH and gH sitting at 6 before today's wc. I'm really puzzled here :( total death count is up to 6/12

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since it's 1 shrimp death per day, why not try Maracyn-2 and treat it. you got nothing to lose if they are dying one by one.
Blackberry shrimp are usually wild caught, many times their deaths are stress related from being wild caught and held in overpopulated holding tanks.
Blackberry shrimp are usually wild caught, many times their deaths are stress related from being wild caught and held in overpopulated holding tanks.
Thanks for that info, it makes sense and I just hope the replacements fair better, if the next round is the same I'll just swear off shrimp from the retailers I think

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