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I am going to be setting up my 29 gallon (30"L) community tank next month with a 20 gallon long sump/refugium to get it cycling fishless. In the meantime I am looking for stocking ideas to research. The tank will be safe-t-sorb (or PFS) capped MGOCPM and moderately to heavily planted, pH neutral to slightly acidic, temp. probably 78-79F, high light, and pressurized CO2.

The only current plan for fish I have is 6 dwarf chain loaches and 6 oto catfish. I am looking for a shoal of smaller fish to allow me to have a larger group in hopes of seeing more confident behavior. In my mind I am picturing this as something similar to some with 100+ gallon tanks with large groups of tetras, or some other fish. Since I can't do that in a small tank I was thinking this may work. So far the only thing I am finding that may work are celestial pearl danios which fit the parameters and size I would like.

As for another thought, I hope to put shrimp (probably RCS) in the planted refugium part of the sump (7.5 gallons) if I get the slow flow rate through it that it should have. So, if anyone has any thoughts on this they would be appreciated. Thanks!
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