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Does anyone have any extra bags of UP Aqua Shrimp Sand or a comparable type of shrimp sand/soil that they want to sell?

Last weekend I was swapping out Eco Complete substrate to Fluval Shrimp Stratum (that's what I had on hand) from my established 20g because I have some CRS, CBS, and Golden's that I received and need to separate. After removing all but a thin layer, I went to pull out the Fluval Shrimp i had and realized I only had one 2kg bag! I went ahead and covered the thin layer of Eco with FSS so I didn't take out all of the good stuff and ran to the LFS to pick up more and they were out!

It seems that everyone is sold out osf everything online and Hagen states that they will not have any available for at least 2-4 weeks. I heard they are releasing a new version that is a combined Flora/shrimp stratum. I did find Keyboard Aquatics online had one bag of UP Aqua left so I purchased that last night. I'm waiting for them to call me today and tell me that was inaccurate and they are sold out. If not, I still need a minimum of one more 2kg bag of UP in addition to the one I ordered from Keyboard.

Does anyone have any? I know I shouldn't mix the UP with the Fluval but I have no choice at this point. I can't afford to go a month waiting for ammonia spike to clear even if i could find some ADA. I really need to get these guys seperate but never thought I would run into a shrimp substrate shortage!

If you do have any could you please let me know how much you'd charge including shipping please.

Thank you!
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