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Does anyone here like or dislike UP Aqua Sand?

I bought a big bag of it a while back for my 5 gallon. I wanted live plants and black substrate that would be easier to Set plants in than gravel. I knew nothing about it when I bought it other than it was black, has small grain size and whatever was stated in english on the bag.

Since being on this forum, I now know just enough to kill plants faster!! Thanks to you all I’m still learning and starting to get it. Man, there is so much info.

Up Aqua is one of few that has 10lb bags. Most of what I have been seeing is 1 or 3 liter bags for over $20.

Also considering buying a bag or two of the ADA Amazonia powder for smaller plants like hair grass to put on top of the larger grain stuff.

Thanks In advance for any input.
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