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Unusually colored Rili Shrimp?

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This red rili shrimp grew up in my 35 gallon Hex. Is it's burgundy color unusual to anyone else?


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The red in my rilis seems to vary a good bit also. So I don't think it is that odd.
i have crazy rili color ....the most amazing ones are the one with clear/bluish body with some red on it's head....
I've had a few like that, and have a couple now. Seems rare-ish, but it does happen.

I don't think anyone is breeding for it though, so may make a nice project for ya.
Was just looking at mine and found one like that that looks almost black in the colored areas.
You should start trying to selectively breed these interesting colors out, Rob. Lots of Rili keepers love colors other than red but they're not always easy to come by.
Would love to, Jake!

I am thinking it's time to set up some floor to ceiling racks as floor space is becoming very limited!

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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