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Setup my second tank yesterday!

It was really fun but at times frustrating playing with all the branches of manzanita wood.

Tank: UNS 90LS
Lighting: Twinstar 900EA
Chihiros stainless steel canister filter (ADA ES-600 replica)
CO2: GLA Primo w/ 5# tank

Tropica Plant Growth substrate
UNS Controsoil
Carib Sea Super Natural Sunset Gold

Manzanita wood
Ohko/dragon stone

Microsorum pteropus 'narrow'
Alternanthera reineckii 'mini'

Anubis nana pangolino
Bucephalandra brownie purple
Bucephalandra mini coin
Bucephalandra mini belindae
Lilaeopsis brasiliana
helanthium tenellum broadleaf
Cryptocoryne parva
Fissidens fontanus/splachnobryoides

Riccardia chamedryfolia
Staurogyne sp. repens
Hemianthus callictrichoides


Celestial pearl danio or chili rasboras?
Caradina shrimp


Plant layout

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Man, I've had some ups and downs with this tank! Hopefully, things are rebounding now.

This is the tank as of last Monday 7/9/2018.

Adjusted some branches because they just didn't stay in place once flooded.

Shortly after flooding, I decided to remove the sand. I should have spent the proper amount of time creating dividers for the substrate. I really didn't want to fight an uphill battle of keeping the Controsoil out of the sand, at times I can be a huge perfectionist. Ultimately, I think I will still love the tank and foreground once the carpet fills in.

Tannins stained the water for the first two weeks after flooding, but I added 50 micron filter floss during my latest 80% WC and it's been keeping it fairly low. Much more enjoyable to look at.

Here is the tank two days prior.

It doesn't have that ordinary effect you typically see with tannins. I think it's because of the incredibly shallow depth and width (and maybe the matte backdrop). It was just a slightly brown haze. Once drained into a bucket it did look like tea though. So, I was able to rule out bacterial/algae blooms, etc.

Really excited for once this tank reaches maturity and stability. I'm getting a lot of melt from some of the java ferns and bucephalandra... which worries me. But still remaining hopeful. Blasting CO2 for awhile until I can see some improvements and dial it in for appropriate levels before getting livestock.

Side note: if anyone else decides to use IKEA furniture for nano tanks, I highly recommend applying 2 or 3 layers of car wax on it as a sealant, lol. Just make sure it doesn't leave a haze! I used Collinite 845 with great effect. I think using a car wax that doesn't leave marks on black plastic would suffice.
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