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Quick little update.

Tank is doing well and the plants seem to be growing in really nicely.

The most interesting development is that the gauge on my CO2 regulator finally moved so it's probably a day or so away from needing to swap out to a new 10lbs tank.

One of the other changes I'll be making is Friday after my water change I'm going to dose all macros, and then dose micros every other day.

Last week I began thinking about different things about the tank and decided to run tests on the day of, and the day after doing a water change to see what my parameters were at, specifically N-P-K and Fe, and then checking the day after the water change to see what those parameters were being reset to.

After getting some advice, I've decided to dose macros all at once the same day I do my water change, afterwards obviously, and giving my plants what they need immediately rather than waiting an additional day.

What I plan on doing this Friday is doing the water change and dosing, then on Saturday morning testing to see where the macro levels are at, and then testing again the following Friday to see what exactly my plants used throughout a full week. After that I'll just observe to see what kinds of effects, if any, this change will have.

I'll get an FTS up this week though.
821 - 821 of 821 Posts