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Ludwigia 'Araguaia'-10$/stem

Ludwigia 'Pantanal'~5$/stem- 10 stems Gone...Only few left

Ludwigia Sp ‘Cuba’~ GONE

Ludwigia 'Curly'/tornado' -10$/stem

Ludwigia sp. Red- 1.50$/stem

Rotala wallichii X8-9- $1/stems

Rotala sp. 'Yao yai' Thailand -1.50$/stem

Rotala macranda "Variegated" - 4$/stem

(This is Forum special price . This sp. sells in higher $ value in other places)

Polygonum praetermissum- 'Ruby'-3$ stem.

POGOSTEMON ERECTUS-2$/stem--These are not tiny will be amazed with this sp. if you get it from me.

Pogostemon yatabeanus-1.5$/stem.

Limnophila repens "mini"-1$/stem

crypt. Sunset Florida-10$.(Submerged)

Egleria fluctuans~ 15$/stem~~~3-5" in length.

Eriocaulon Aussie II- 16$ each.

Erio. parkeri- 5$ each ~6

Ludwigia senegalensis- GONE

Echinodorus sp. 'Aflame'- GONE(Bit smaller .7-8 leaves, super compact~~Wild blood sp.(If you know what it means with this sp.)

Syngonanthus sp. 'Belem'-3$ stem.

Hygrophila pinnatifida -8$/stem

Hygrophila 'Thai' aka Hygrophila 'Brown'-15$/stem. New sp.

Tonina fluviatilis 'Narrow-Leaf'-15$/stem--3-4"

Rotala sp. mini- 1$/stem.

Alternanthera reineckii var. 'ocipus'- $5/stem~ Don't have any info. of this sp. Growth rate in slow-medium. Easy sp.

Ludwigia alata -10$/stem(Not often offered)

Ludwigia sp. Atlantis-15$/stem(Not often offered)

Nesaea crassicaulis- 6$/stem..4-5"

LIMNOPHILA AROMATICA 5-7 stems- 1$/stem

BACOPA MADAGASCARIENSIS-5$/stem (Slow grower!Nice midground sp.)

Acmella repens~2$/stem.

Limnophila 'Guinea Broad Leaf' -1.50/stem(3-5")

Rotala sp. Green-1$/stem

Limnophila sp. 'Sulawesi'- 3$/stem.

Peacock moss~ Smaller portion then offered before 7$.
Fissidens~ About 3 golf ball or so. 40$

{Take both mosses-50$ Shipped}

Shipping- 7$. MINIMUM 15$.

All these sp. comes from my co2 injected tank with 2 watts T5HO~modified fert dosing. I dose Excel once in a blue moon.

Also have Used Hydor Koralia-550 GPH-30$ shipped.

750 GPH...35$ shipped.(USED FOR FEW DAYS)

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