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I'm doing a dry start on my 52gal and there's an unknown terrestrial moss growing rapidly on my lava rocks and in my substrate (and out-competing the HC for space/resources). I originally observed this particular moss in my separate emersed growth setup while I was trying to build up my quantity of HC prior to starting the DSM and I did my best to separate it out when transferring plants to the tank, but clearly some made it in anyway. I've been trying to periodically tweeze out as much as I can from the tank, but it's a loosing battle and I'm hoping some of you might be able to offer some input:

1) Does anyone recognize this particular species? I did a bunch of searching online and couldn't find anything quite like this species (grows as individual stems not more than about 3/4" tall). I live in central PA, if that helps narrow it down.

2) How likely is it to survive post-flooding? Will it harm my livestock if I'm not able to remove it all before flooding the tank?

3) Any way to selectively kill it off pre-flooding so I can keep the DSM growing? The carpet still isn't quite as extensive as I would like.

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