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Unknown plant turning Reddish

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Hello people,

I was given this unknown plant and added it to my tank a few weeks ago. It was completely green when i added it, but has started turning a dark red/brownish colour at the tops. From a distance it looks a little brown, but when i look from close under the light it has a pinkish red tone.

Could anyone help me find out what plant this is, and whether I should be worried that it's looking this way? The leaves look quite ok, both the ones at the top and the rest of the plant.


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Yeah I concur that it is Myriophyllum mattogrossense. I used to grow a lot of that in my old 65 gallon tank. The new leaves will grow a muddy red/brown when they are exposed to high light intensity. I also don't recall the plants ever doing well once they started turning that color -- leaves would start to melt pretty quickly and the whole plant would crash. But that was a long time ago so my memory could be fooling me.
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