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Hey Guys,

I've tried reading threads on here for over a month before posting. This has got me seriously stumped and desperate.

I've got two 29 gallon tanks humming away for a long time (almost 2 years). T5ho lighting for 8 hours - dosing NPK flourish comp (a tiny bit of calcium for the snails shells) and compressed co2 - water changes every other week.

They've been growing plants like mad and algae free except for the odd sprig of brush here and there. Haven't had to clean the glass in months and super happy.

Then there's this 55 gallon. Recently set up the same exact way as before in the 29's but this time I've had nothing but trouble.

The plant growth while initially good for a couple months has crawled to a stop. New growth just shrank until it stopped. (Except for water sprite put in to start it out which is still going nuts). Some rotala stems are still growing while others have stopped. Ludwigia is putting out tiny pale leaves on some plants but larger green ones on others.

After a few weeks of weak growth the cyano appeared. I've been battling this for a while and have a feeling it's taken a hold because the plants aren't using (out competing it for) nutrients.

Constantly test this tank to try to figure it out. Nitrates hover between 20-30ppm and phosphates around 1ppm plus or minus 0.5ppm. Drop checkers show good co2 and no problems with livestock.

Any thoughts?!?

Thanks Guys I really hope someone's seen or experienced this before.

Here are some photos. The captions have some relatively important information as to what's going on in each one.

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