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Unheated tank?

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Do you have any suggestions for fish for a 10 gallon planted unheated tank? Also how many should I keep, if they are schooling fish? The temp will vary from 80-60F during the year (not quickly of course!). The ambient room temperature is quite stable and changes very slowly, but the temp range will be wide. Also hopefully these will be hardy fish because my experience is limited to goldfish and minnows.

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For the cooler end, many Cories are fine in water that is in the upper 60s, but not as cold as 60*. Most of the cooler water fish I can think of get too big for a 10 gallon, though. And none will handle that great a range.

How about looking at some native fish?

The smaller the water volume the greater the temperature change.
I would look into locating this tank somewhere that will not get such extreme temperatures. Try really hard to set up not greater than about 10*F annual change, that is only about 5*C. Most fish can handle that much change over the course of the year.

I run air bubblers when the summer heat starts warming the tanks too much. More water movement allows some more oxygen to enter the tank. Also open the lid and add air movement over the surface. More water evaporates, cooling the tank.
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