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Under the Water - 40b Aqua Scape

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so i am almost finish with my aqua scaping and was wondering if i should do a massive orange pumpkin & CRS/CBS shrimp tank (2,000 shrimps +) or should i go with neon tetra's and CPD tank or even a mix of both?

here is the tank as of 3/18/14 :

as of today 3/21/14 here is what the tank looks like filled in:

an update of the tank 3/30/2014

any idea what i should do?

1.Massive Shrimp only Tank?
2.15 Neon tetra's + 20-30 CPD's?
3. Mix of both some orange pumpkin & CRS/CBS with Fish ?

ok so it has been a few weeks now and i had move plants around take some out and added new ones in, and here is how its going

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I would go for the mix...the fish would fill up the water column..
This is gorgeous aquascape!

You have so much open swimming space, it would be a shame to not use it. Have you considered rummy nose? They school so well!
i seen them but never thought of adding them... and yes there is so much open space to swim... if it was a bigger tank say a 300+ gallon i would be the one swimming xD but sadly its just a 40b =( i'm to big for it...

anyways back on topic... i was thinking of fish so my kid can just watch the tank but then again i was thinking of a MASSIVE shrimp tank xD i would do both but that means no massive shrimp tank as the fish will be at a all you can eat shrimp buffet
Rummies are excellent watching fish. They school near the front of the tank. The tight formation they keep is mesmerizing.
I love your wood (that sounds wrong but you know what I mean) :)
I think what i will do is stock the tank with shrimps and let the floorground cover and mat out then by that time the shrimp should have multiplied and I will start adding fish little by little and see how that works out if the fish and shrimps are ok living together
Just remember to fertilize extra in lieu of animal waste.
so here is a more up to date picture of the tank now...

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something about those rocks that aren't doing it for me. too scattered I think. They might look better bunched up in that opening among the roots where the blyxa (or is that stargrass) is
That looks fantastic! cannot wait for it to fill in! nailed it! awesome job
something about those rocks that aren't doing it for me. too scattered I think. They might look better bunched up in that opening among the roots where the blyxa (or is that stargrass) is
it is blyxa but by the root will be filled with blyxa and some in between the 2 wood on the left side near the main stump also... it just needs to grow in and it should fit in with where the rocks are located
Really nice work...keep it up!
That's a great piece of driftwood! We'll placed and down right awesome!
Thanks guys... Any idea if I should add fissiden moss on the wood? And if so where should I put it at?
that looks great Bryan:thumbsup: that how you spell it ? That is a Tetra. CPDs might leave the adult shrimp alone since the shrimp are almost as big as they are. But still would do a good job of
population control on them. And I believe you would still have some growing up in there(the babies).
But I don't think 20-30 of them would leave any babies to grow up. I'd go/w 2M + 3-5F
and watch them be a growing colony. You could even make a couple of bucks on here selling the CPD babies when they get large enough.
No not suggesting you get Piranahs, just letting you know that a Neon is related to a in shrimp buffet.
well i have about 15 CPD's right now that are adults and 4 tanks that i have running are 7g and its used as a breeding tank for the cpd's and as of right now i get eggs every 2-3 days... from each tank, i have a bit of babys right now of CPD that i am currently raising so CPD is not an issue as to how many or if they breed in the 40b or not... =P
Is that one piece of wood or a mixture of diffrent pieces. Do you have a better pic of the top of the wood. I would put moss on all the long pieces that are sitting on the substrate, maybe some on the upper parts of the wood. Are you going to sell any of the cpd's if so send me a message i might be interested in purchasing some.
its a bunch of manazita branches that was tie together to make the big stump look... i was planning on fissiden moss on the branch but not sure how it would look xD but i dont have any fully grown adults CPDs right now to sell but maybe in a few months when the frys grow to juvinal then i can part them out as the adults right now are used as a breeding stock... keep me posted and i can have an update on how the grow later down the road for you starfire
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