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This is a 5 gallon Marineland hex with a 15w CF bulb. If you've looked at my 29g journal, you'll recognize the tree-like driftwood from the first pictures of the 29g.

Plants are java fern, petite nana, and a red crypt on the left-hand side (wendtii?) The grassy plant that I just put in the foreground is, I think, either a chain sword or dwarf sag -- I'm not sure.

Inhabitants are two pomacea bridgesii snails (a blue and a gold) and many red cherry shrimp.

Substrate is Fluorite and carbon is provided by Excel. I'm still working out the ferts for this tank -- advice on dosing a nano is welcome, as is any advice about the layout. The hex is a bit hard to aquascape, I'm finding, but everything is growing well. I'm just having some green spot algae. (Suggestions on that are welcome too!)


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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