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Snail/pest free. Tissue cultures are around 2.5".
These are the most cost effective way to get a lot of stems without spending a ton of money. Stem tissue cultures typically have dozens of small stems to get you started off well!
If you look at pricing on most of the uncommon species, you'll see that they are often priced per stem, so this is a great way to go.
Each tissue culture is $7. Priority insulated box is a flat $7.50. Continental US and Alaska only. PM to set up an order via PayPal invoice. FL resident add sales tax.
Species are listed as follows-
Eleocharis "mini" (dwarf hairgrass)
Ammania bonsai (true Rotala indica)
Ammania senegalensis
Ludwigia super red mini
Vesicularis dubyana Christmas moss "mini"
Plagiomnium affine "pearl moss"
Alternanthera reineckii "ar mini"
Ludwigia inclinata "curly tornado"
Ludwigia guinea
Ranunculus papulentus

More pics on request


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