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I have a 12 gallon long with CO2 and EI dosing. I am going away on vacation for 10 days soon (Wed - The following Sat) and was interested in the best way to keep my tank in order. I have someone who can handle my dosing during that time but I don't want her doing a water change.

I was thinking I would do a 50% water change + macro dosing the day that I leave (Wed), have her dose the tank normally until the following Wed, and then stop dosing macros/micros altogether (besides some iron on Day 8 since it doesnt last in the water column nearly as long). I come back that saturday, so it would only be days without additonal ferts. I would do a water change the day I got back. I would leave CO2 and photoperiod untouched from what it is now.

Would that work well?
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