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Umbrella plant and peacock ferns?

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I've started a small riparium on my mr aqua 25g cube a few weeks ago. So far I have some basket grass and African hibiscus. But I am getting some more from hydrophyte this coming week.

But while I was at work today I was thinking about getting some umbrella plant or peacock fern. But I was wondering if these can be used in ripariums and if they can are they trellis raft plants or are they planter plants. My planters are used so I'm hoping to find some bright colored trellis raft plants that will do great with natural window sunlight and being sprayed a couple times a day. Because my tank is full to the top of water and aquascaped as well with a Bml light for underwater growth but my tank sits in front of the window which I figure is great for riparium plants. And no I don't get algae from my tank in front of the window and I do have a black background on it.
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I can say that both umbrella plant/peace lily (spathophyllum) and peacock fern (saliginella sp.) dont like much direct sunlight, but if you dont have algae problems, it'd probably be okay. The saliginella will probably be a lot more finicky, but peace lilies should work quite well. If it's saliginella in a tube, do not buy. It will most likely die.
I got to trim my 30g (check my journal for pics). Maybe another trade in the making? <wink>.

By umbrella plant, do you mean the umbrella sedge? That stuff absolutely erupts in riparium planters. My tallest stem is 36" and 24" wide!
I mean he umbrella plant from PETsMART for terrariums lol
Same with the peacock.

Jt got my order in from hydrophyte goig to be plants tomorrow morning
Yeah, that's the one. It looooves riparium-type growth..
I have to see what I got from hydrophyte I forgot already what I ordered lol. All the scientific names throw me off from common names. It looks like he threw in some water onions too??? I'm not sure I need to open everything lol.
I'd say skip the peacock fern from PetSmart, trust me. They usually have no roots and stay green for a while until they eventually die off. The peace lily will be fine, if you really want to try selaginella, I'd suggest you get it from a local greenhouse in the houseplant area. Again, I'm not sure it will do well in riparium type set up, but I guess you never know what may happen.
I was just curious about them because those are the only two looked interesting. I'll post a photo of what I have done in a little while I have to set up last planted and plant some plants.
Here it is!!!! My 25g mr aqua cube high tech Dutch aquarium with a riparium implemented on the top thanks to Han and hydrophyte!!!

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Whoa, nice tank. Love all the bushy, leafy plants in your background and right side.

I'm interested to see how the red-leafed ones on the rafts do for you; mine ever-so-slowly withered. In retrospect, I wonder if they should've been in planters.
I think the alternantha will do good I spray the plants one two times a day to keep them used to being wet. Thank you so much for the compliment
Hey I'm glad you got that stuff.

The Alternanthera is kind of a fussy plant. It looks really nice when it's growing right. But sometimes it just fizzles. If you dose the water column in there it will probably grow.

The Zephyranthes should be planted in a planter with the root end down and most of the bulb buried in the substrate. Leave just the tip of the shoot end above the gravel. I recommend planting 3-4 bulbs in the same planter to get a more full plant.

It takes a little while to get started, but the cat palm grows up really nice...

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My peacock fern did rather well in a dirtied tropical reptile tank. Till the frogs decided it was a good hiding spot and decided to sit on it and squish it. It lasted a good 8 months before that happened. It had high light, and lots of humidity.
I dose the water column pps pro every day. Nutrients should be a problem whatsoever either haha.

So the bulbs were Zephyranthes... Interesting, I thought they were water onions haha!! Look almost the same, the problem is, I would need another two planters for the I think, peace Lilly??? And the Zephyranthes. My tank just doesn't have that kind of room. I could however put them on my shrimp tank. But that doesn't get light from the window and only have a planted plus fixture raised 4inches above water level so I'm not sure how well it would do there??

I'm super excited for them to all start growing out, the cat palms have very tiny leaves right now almost looks like bamboo stalk with tree leaves lol. I love the alternantha. It's Jacob's coat right? I love the red with green in the middle. It's beautiful,
i bought three peacock for my crab tank (vivvarium) all three died within two weeks.
Yeah I decided to not go with them. Hydro sent me a buttload of plants, and I'm exited for them to grow in
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