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Ultra Thin Java Moss? Moss ID Help

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I could use help IDing a moss species I have. I was told that it's a thin species of java moss. Are there significant variations within the taxiphyllum barbieri species? I'll work on getting a picture up in a few minutes. My lights won't be on for another couple hours but I'll take the piece out and hopefully get some better lights on it anyway.

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yes algea its a pita for some to remove. it looks like the plastic mesh was started with a moss but then poorly cared for and became a algea magnet idd just toss all that out and hope u dont have any strands that broke free to reinfect your tank. i wouldnt even try to save a strand of the moss left due it being so infested. if ur looking for some moss i got some flame or fiss font i could sell ya or just check the swap an shop but toss that out asap!!!! you will understand once a piece breaks free and gets into everything...
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