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Looking to thin things out in my tanks....

I have the following for your consideration:

  • Alternanthera Reineckii 'Mini' = $6 per stem (most w/ visible roots)
  • Downoi (Pogostemon Helferi) = $4 per crown (sm & med most w/ roots)
  • HC (dwarf baby tears) = $10 (approx 2x2 portion)
  • UG (Utricularia graminifolia) = $15 (per approx. 2x2 portion)
  • Flame Moss = $6 (approx. 2x2 portion)
  • Fissiden Fontanus = $8 (approx. 2x2 portion)
  • Mini Fissidens = $10 (approx. 2x2 portion)

**Note** The more you buy, we can possibly work out discounts or freebies like extra plants.

Most recent pictures:

***Comparison of the fronds between Mini Fiss on left and Fissiden Fontanus on right.

**Disclaimer** My tanks do have mini ramshorn snails which I keep deliberately. Plants are healthy with no major algae issues.

Terms and Conditions:
  • Interested buyer must have a post count of 10+ and preferred pTrader rating already.
  • Confirmed PayPal payment only. Shipped only in the cont. US. No PO Boxes please.
  • Minimum $10 purchase (not including shipping)
  • I'm not responsible for lost or damaged packages due to shipping mishaps or if you left the package sitting in a mailbox too long.
  • Mind your weather! I'm not responsible for dead plants because of extreme temps!
  • Shipping is with USPS priority mail - small flat rate is $6, medium flat rate is $13... anything larger, we'll have to discuss options.

    >>>>>>>>>>PM me if you have any questions or for PayPal info. Thanks for looking :biggrin:
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