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UDGags-125g-New Pics (7/19/16)

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Latest 2016 Layout

2015 Layout
It grew out more than this but I didn't save any pictures for some reason. If I come across a later picture I'll update this at some point.

2014 Layout

2013 Layout

Tank-125 gallon, 72"L x 18"W x 24"H
Sump -Aqueon Proflex Sump Model 4 w/Biomedia Kit
Overflow-CPR CS202 w/aqualifter
Return Pump-Mag 1800
Heaters-Two Hydor External Eth 300
CO2 System-GLA Supreme CO2 Regulator, Mag 9.5 w/Fractioning Impeller, GE High Flow Household Water Filter Unit (GXWH40L)
UV System-Turbo Twist 12x
Wavemaker-Vortech MP40
Lighting-Two ATI 36" 8x39W Dimmable SunPower w/Controller
Bulbs-Combination of these listed
Giesemann PowerChrome Aqua Flora T5 Lamps* (36" (39W))
Giesemann PowerChrome Midday T5 Lamps* (36" (39W))
ATI Blue Plus + T5 HO Aquarium Lamps (36", 39W)
ATI Purple Plus T5 HO Aquarium Lamps (36", 39W)
GE Starcoat 6,500K T5 High Output HO Aquarium Bulbs (36", (39W))

Controller-Neptune Systems Apex Controller

Substrate-4" of Amazonia (10-9L bags)

Mazanite Wood

2015 Flora
Alternanthera Reineckii 'Variegated'
Ammannia Senegalensis
Crypt Striolata
Eichhornia diversifolia
Eleocharis 'belem' (DGH Belem)
Hottonia Palustris
Hygrophila sp. 'Araguaia'
Ludwigia "Red" Hybrid
Persicaria Pratermissa
Rotala Colorata
Rotala Wallichii

2013 Flora

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I am interested to see how the hygrophila araguia does. I am never sure if I like that plant or not. I think it really depends on how it is used.
So far I like it but it's in a bad location scape wise. It's more of a midground/background plant and I have it in a traditional foreground spot. I want to see how it fills in before moving it though. I really like how it looks in Overfloater's tank which is a lot more filled in.

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Well it is a pH drop of 1 and it gives me roughly 65ppm of CO2 with a kH of 4.5. Yes, I have verified using a LaMotte test kit if you want to scroll through all the pages. I can push it a bit higher as seen previously but I don't think it's really needed.

Where are you in Cincy? Do you have the limestone water? You get some really weird water in certain places that make for some crazy readings.

I have an apogee PAR meter. I was at 100-125PAR but turned it down slightly (10-20% power on fixture) this past week. I haven't remeasured since but I'd guess around 90 PAR. I can take a measurement later tonight when I'm home.

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Well I got to say thanks to you coolnick. I measured my PAR levels tonight and they were way off (high). I think I might have measured them with 'dirty' water after scaping before. I turned them down a total of 50% and still I am at 80-90 PAR. I was probably in the 150-200 range when I wonder the fish were getting a tan :)

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Here is a cell phone picture from tonight. Sorry for the reflection but its a hassle for me to hang a drape to stop the reflection in the room. Everything is filling in nicely.

I'm thinking about flipping one of the pieces of wood to the other side...What do you guys think? I think it would let me do better rows and layouts.

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