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UDGags-125g-New Pics (7/19/16)

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Latest 2016 Layout

2015 Layout
It grew out more than this but I didn't save any pictures for some reason. If I come across a later picture I'll update this at some point.

2014 Layout

2013 Layout

Tank-125 gallon, 72"L x 18"W x 24"H
Sump -Aqueon Proflex Sump Model 4 w/Biomedia Kit
Overflow-CPR CS202 w/aqualifter
Return Pump-Mag 1800
Heaters-Two Hydor External Eth 300
CO2 System-GLA Supreme CO2 Regulator, Mag 9.5 w/Fractioning Impeller, GE High Flow Household Water Filter Unit (GXWH40L)
UV System-Turbo Twist 12x
Wavemaker-Vortech MP40
Lighting-Two ATI 36" 8x39W Dimmable SunPower w/Controller
Bulbs-Combination of these listed
Giesemann PowerChrome Aqua Flora T5 Lamps* (36" (39W))
Giesemann PowerChrome Midday T5 Lamps* (36" (39W))
ATI Blue Plus + T5 HO Aquarium Lamps (36", 39W)
ATI Purple Plus T5 HO Aquarium Lamps (36", 39W)
GE Starcoat 6,500K T5 High Output HO Aquarium Bulbs (36", (39W))

Controller-Neptune Systems Apex Controller

Substrate-4" of Amazonia (10-9L bags)

Mazanite Wood

2015 Flora
Alternanthera Reineckii 'Variegated'
Ammannia Senegalensis
Crypt Striolata
Eichhornia diversifolia
Eleocharis 'belem' (DGH Belem)
Hottonia Palustris
Hygrophila sp. 'Araguaia'
Ludwigia "Red" Hybrid
Persicaria Pratermissa
Rotala Colorata
Rotala Wallichii

2013 Flora

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Quick update for tonight....

  • First off, I decided to get rid of the piece of wood on the left. I am purchasing one that better matches the layout from Tom B. So I probably won't have an update for a week or two.
  • Got the lights hung up
  • I ordered some more toys today...Apogee PAR meter, LaMott's AQ-2 test kit, TDS handheld meter, a couple back-up aqualifts, aqualifter holder and a replacement pH probe. I also grabbed some leftover SS mesh from work to cover the CPR202 inlet.

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Yeah, I plan on doing that. I bought another piece of driftwood that better fits the layout so waiting for that to be delivered before messing with the AS more. I was more trying to get the wood figured out in the pictures above. I never really liked the one on the left but kept trying to make it work. The new wood piece was shipped earlier this week so I'm hoping I get it tomorrow but if not probably Monday.

I have plants being shipped Saturday and Monday so I should get them early/mid next week.

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I am looking forward to when you get the lights going. I am pretty set on getting the 4x48" dimmable model, but would like to see how they work for someone else first, haha :)

Im hoping you can do a long fade in and long fade out. Like a 3 hour fade in to full on for 6 full hours and then a 3 hour fade out. Or Even a 5 hour fade in and out with only a 2 hour full.. Now Im getting crazy?! lol :icon_cool

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Re: UDGags-125g Aquarium

I have the lights on now burning in the bulbs. My units have two channels (4 bulbs each) and 8 time settings per channel.

For example...
7:00 0%
8:00 20%
8:05 0%
.....up to 8 times.

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The Wood and Rock placement on the right hand side in post #19 is AWESOME!!! The wood all on the left looks great too, BUT you loose the awesome shape of the right hand piece when done like that! Can't wait to see the new piece of wood!!!

I agree with the soil looks WAY TOO DEEP!!! When looking at Amano's setups his Aqua Soil is only about 2" deep in the front! SO I would remove at least a inch or 2 from the very front of the glass, then slope the rest to the back while creating a "mounding" look where the wood is sitting.

ANYWAY this is a AWESOME BUILD, and I am enjoying seeing all of the high end stuff you are using! SUBSCRIBED 4 SURE!!!


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Thanks..I already changed the soil. I wasn't really worried about the soil in the above pictures more so the wood and rock.

You can see the soil slopes in this picture. The rocks and wood are just set in there while I wait for the new piece of wood (hopefully today but no tracking #) so don't comment on them since they will be adjusted.

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