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Type of Styrofoam for Vivarium

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I'm building a vivarium and wanted to know the best type of foam that I can get. I read somewhere that it should be open pored. is this true? I'm thinking that I may have to order online rather then go to Lowes or Home Depot. Any help is appreciated.

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Any foam will likely need to be sealed if you are using it as a background. I like to use expanding foam or the pink foam board glued to itself to make it thicker. Definitely pick it up locally due to shipping costs of these products.
Thank you! What is good to seal it with?
It depends on what you are trying to make and what will work best for you. Great stuff spray foam is a good choice for a spray in foam but it comes with a lot of carving as you have to shave it down for silicone to properly adhere to it. The pink foam blocks are pretty cool iv seen a lot of people carve out trees and rocks then go over it with concreat and paint. I don't know if I would use an all out pour in foam just because if you add to much it can put a lot of pressure on your panels and potentially crack some glass. There is some pretty good videos on YouTube

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