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Tyler's First Planted Tank -- The 3 Gallon Halfmoon

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Hey everyone! So my first post flopped and now I have a better idea of what I want to do so here goes…

The Background:
I won a 3 gallon halfmoon tank in a tetra Facebook contest (yippee!) a few years ago and I set it up in my dorm room at college, threw a few guppies in there and enjoyed the plastic neon plants inside. Well, at the end of my junior year, I had something screwy with my water change and everything died :icon_cry: So now I have a 3 gallon tank with nothing inside of it!

The Idea:
A planted tank! I'd love to move on from the colorful gravel and plastic ease that are aquarium decorations. Live plants would be perfect! After browsing this website I have gotten stuck on the idea that I want to do a white sand tank with quite a few vertical pieces of driftwood with moss growing on it (if possible, I haven't seen moss growing on vertical driftwood before), and some smaller plants/rocks etc gracing the bottom of the tank. I am open to other suggestions however! The tank is quite tall so I need to take advantage of the vertical space.

The Beginning:
So I have my 3 gallon half-moon tank. But that's it. My filter and light are outdated and insufficient. I am on a "college student" budget but it's more like a "college student with a decent job" budget. I need some help getting started; like what filters are good for me, what lighting is good for me, what substrate techniques I should use, etc. I can post pictures of my current tank if you'd like! Thanks for the help in advance!

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Here is my tank. There's actually a golden apple snail in there that somehow survived the carnage up at school. He was aptly named "lil' tank" by my girlfriend. Let me know what ideas you may have!
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