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Tying Java fern to a driftwood

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What kind of knot that you guys use to tie java fern with fishing line? I got a problem with the line not stay in place and came off after tying. sorry rookie here...:icon_redf
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Use Cotton thread its easier and will break down, in couple of weeks
rubber band will work and seems to be the easiest, it will rot but by then the fern is attached
I used to use that cotton thread, however it seem to break down before my fern have a chance to attach to the wood. I end up got the fern floating all over.
What you guys do with the small fern that grow from the leaves? How do you plant them? Because it so small and hard to tie to the wood.
i use plastic twist ties (similar to those on bread). those work by being unseen (mostly black), can be shaped according to usage, won't break down before the plant is rooted; never had any problems. Of course, think of the source from which you're gaining the twist ties, as some may have had contact with something ultimately toxic for the fish.
Is that plastic twist tie got metal tie on the inside? I don't know that they have any other kind that don't have metal inside or not?
Staples. They are easy and work really well. Just be careful not to damage it.
I have no problem with cotton thread, but plastic twist is a good idea.
I used fishing line to tie down my Anubias Coffeefolia. What I did was I placed the anubias where I wanted it on the driftwood, then I looped fishing line around the anubias ONCE and then tied a knot. After that, just continuously wrap the fishing line around the rhizome until the plant is secure. Once content that the plant isn't going anywhere, cut the fishing line, tie another knot and you're good to go.

This method can be used with java ferns, too, because they have a rhizome.
I use ADA wood tight.....basically twist ties but it's brown.
I use black cotton thread. I just wrap it around 4 or 5 times in different spots around the rizome and then tie a few knots. As it breaks down, you only loose one of the wrap arounds at a time. By the time the whole thing falls apart, the plants are secured. I've used this method with ferns and anubias.
Thank you all of you for these methods. They are very useful. :)
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