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The smaller piece of wood is mopani, so it sinks right away. The larger isn't mopani, unfortunately, but it's perfectly aquarium-safe. The smaller one has some black sand on it, the larger one has dried java moss on it in a couple of spots, but both of them can very easily be cleaned by hand or with a quick blast from a hose.
The mopani was in my tank for a few years, the larger one for a year. Both have been dry since early January. Both pieces of wood get slightly soft on the surface when soaked, and suckermouth fish love them.
Both pieces of wood are very nice and were rather expensive new, so they're $25 together, or I'll take anubias and/or java moss in trade. If you'd prefer the plant trade, show me what you'll offer in return. If you want to buy the wood or trade, let me know, and I'll message you.
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