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Two New Desktop Tank Videos

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Hi all,

I recently uploaded a couple more videos of my custom desktop tanks and wanted to share them here.

The first one is a tank I call the "Steps". This is an older prototype than the current model I'm using for production but it still looks awesome all planted. The newer model is slightly larger for more overall water volume and better waterfall feature.
The Steps Prototype v1

The second tank I call the "Floating Box." It features a drip wall return from the rear compartment. I hadn't seen any kind of readily available desktop aquarium with a drip wall so I wanted to create one! The production model will feature a single box instead of two boxes, after working with the two-box version I realized it is too awkward to work around for standard maintenance and would be better off with more light hitting the bottom of the tank.
Floating Box Aquarium Prototype v1
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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