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Two Gouramis

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Our story begins in an enclosure with a surface area of (24" x 12") and free space of (24" x 12" x12") of cubic inches. There are apporx. 12 US gallons of water.

With the death of Sam the betta, I was looking for a fish with color and size. The tank I have is heavily planted with several shoals of fish: neon tetras, harlequin rasboras, and corydoras trillineatus. I first added a dwarf gourami (flame/rose) and after a week the fish was blowing bubbles like crazy. I decided to get another fish (looking for a female). The LFS only had males, but they had the morph I really wanted, against better judgement, I bought the most colorful fish in the tank.

As soon as I put the bag in the tank, the first gourami could not take his eyes off the new fish. He pecked at the bag and circled it like a shark. The new fish was un phased.

Once released the new gourami did as he pleased. Once in a while the flame gourami pecked, but mostly half chases ensued. Upon watching the fish I noticed I had a plant jungle, and this was the focus of much of the attention. "King of the Jungle" was the game, and both fish are "Alpha males" in their own respects. The creation of two separate jungles/ mass of plants has so far created harmony for 2 male dwarf gouramis in a 15 (US) gallon tank. I think I've named the two gouramis, Julius and Romulus (2 twin brothers raised by wolves, founders of Rome).

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Very amusing. I thought Gouramis ate plants. In the stores they seem to just stay in 1 area.
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