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Hello everyone,

I made two completely automatic vivarium. You only need to plug it and start enjoying the evolution of this microecosystem. Minimum care required. must have avaiable 3 sockets (light, water pump and misting pump).

Bicycle Wheel Plant Tire Green

Plant Organism Grass Wood Adaptation

Plant Branch Wood Trunk Terrestrial plant

Automotive parking light Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Hood

- 24x24x16" (Lenght, Height, Width) Foamed PVC (a very new material, light although rigid and completely waterproof).
- Polyurethane foam background.
- Misting system with 2 'Mistking' nozzles (misting pump included).
- 155GPH water pump for the rain system (the purpose of this is the plants watering).
- Real plants (ficus pumila, chamaedorea, and different types of ferns and mosses).
- 19w 2700K light bulb + 23w 6500K light bulb
- 1 dial timer (lights) and 2 digital timers (water pump and misting pump).
- False bottom serving as a water reservoir for the rain system and avoiding the plants to swamp and die.

The price is 290$ each
Thank you! Have a wonderful day!
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