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Tank info:
18 months old
60 gallon
24" h x 13" d x 48" w
Freshwater community
36" Finnex Ray 2
Amazon sword, crypts, jungle val, moneywort, hornwort

Quick background: My plants really seemed to take off at first. My sword blew up to almost 24" leaves, jungle vals shot runners everywhere, hornwort grew like a weed. I did use, and still do use, Osmocote root tabs for the sword and crypts, but no other nutrients. After a few months my sword started looking meek and kind of shriveling up. I started to dose KNO3, KH2PO4, and Flourish and didn't see much, if any, improvement, so I stopped.

I have pretty hard water with 8.0pH so I think my CO2 is really low. I have a tank and supplies on the way so will start dosing CO2 and fertz again in the coming week or two and hope that it will bring new life into the plants. Will the one 36" Finnex Ray 2 be sufficient, or should I put the other one on as well?
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