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Since it's almost 3 years now i should present my two small aquariums.

First and oldest is a 30l Dennerle Nano Cube.
It's going for almost 3 years, with this configurations, but different set-ups.

Hardware: 30l Dennerle Cube,
filters: Eheim 2211 (eheim substrate pro), Hailea Rp-200 filter ( jbl symec)
light: Aquatic Nature Solar Boy Duo 26w 6500k
ferts: Dennerle Deponit mix, Dennerle s7,e15,v30,pg7, Dennerle co2 classic line.

now it houses 6 Neon Tetra and a couple of Amano's.

No pic right now but i have a couple of videos.

The second one is my latest project.
It was meant to be an easy, DIY project, and a low maintenance tank for breeding yellow shrimp.
I'm quite pleased about the way this tank it's going. Basically zero maintenance.
Bare in mind it is a one and a half month old tank

Hardware 30l Aquatic Nature Cocoon 6
filters: under-gravel filter connected to Eheim 2213(sera siporax), Resun magic (jbl symec)
light: 10w Led custom light
ferts: aqua medic volcanit
plants: anubias nana petite(under 1cm leaf), cryptocorine parva, marsilea hirsuta, christmas moss, fissidens fontanus, bolbitis heudeloti mini, rotala rotundifolia
livestock: 15-18 yellow shrimp

If you have more questions about the filters or the DIY part i can post o couple of pics (kind of bad quality).

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I love the second video with the shrimp. It looks so peaceful.

Beautiful tanks! :D
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