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Guys after reading a quite a few arduino based builds here a answer continues to defy me.

So far in my understanding the process of night time lighting with LEDs mostly uses a separate channel connected to a few low powered emitters aka "moonlights". What i have been wondering ( and scared to try it on my own setup so far :confused1: ) is if a LED driver can be connected to 2 separate PVM outputs in the following plan.

PWM Channel 1 - Driver A @ 0% - 100% --- 100% - 0% 8 AM till 6 PM

PWM Channel 4 - Driver A @ 0% - 10% --- 10% - 0% 6PM - 12 AM

Channel 2 & 3 connected to their LED drivers respectively.

Is this going to short out something on the LED controller / LED Driver.

For reference:
Controller = Typhon
Driver = Meanwell ELN 48s and 27s.

I have 3 channels over my tank and a spare (4th) channel unused on the Typhon and I do not want to buy a seperate driver to run a seperate LED string if possible.


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