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Turqouise and Neon dwarf rainbowfish diet. Frozen Krill?

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I have a variety of flakes for them, frozen bloodworms...
Can they eat frozen Krill for color? Have searched around the net and can't find an answer.
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Rainbowfish in general have small throats and mouths, so keep that in mind when trying to feed them.
Mine love cyclopeeze, brine shrimp, tubifex worms (freeze dried) and rep ashy gel foods.
They should eat most anything. I feed frozen spirulina bs,mysis,bloodworms, and high quality flake. Blanched frozen peas are appreciated and help keep them off my plants. Some reading.
A mixed diet is best. They have small throats so be conscious of the size. Frozen mosquito fry is my bows favorite and one of their natural foods. Most les sell them under the name of glass worms
What's the scientific name for the turquoise? Is it Melanotania praecox?
When small, protein rich food would be best so they can grow more instead of high veggies. My turquoise juveniles swallow and eat just about any branded frozen foods. Bloodworm, krill and tubifex worm to name a few big meats.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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