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All plants listed as available are now half off! These must go! Add up the price of any order and divide by two for the new sale price! ALL PLANTS MUST GO

Happy Thanksgiving, Planted Tank Forums! :wink: All plants must go, everything has to be shipped out by Tuesday! Here is what i've got (listed clockwise from the left):

The price shown is in addition to the initial price of $5 for shipping, just to clarify. Delivery confirmation always!

Lindernia parviflora 'variegated' $4 for what is shown,
Rotala macrandra 'green' $3 for what is shown,
lil driftwood chunk $2 or maybe a free extra with a random order,
Marsilea sp. (i'm not sure of the species, but its true aquatic and grows quickly in a four-lobe or one-lobe form) $4 for what is shown,
Fissidens fontanus (terrible picture, looks much greener in person) $3 for what is shown,
Elatine triandra sold,
Cabomba piauhyensis $4 for what is shown,
Pellia sold,

Shown below but not above:
Red Root Floater $1 each (many available],
Cryptocoryne spiralis $3 each (many available, not shown in picture),
Aponogeton ulvaceous $12,
Purple waffle plant (Hemigraphis exotica) $2 for two large stems

Thank you :icon_smil
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