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It will have a canister, I thought about peat in it... Would that be stable enough.
Nope. lol. Peat is amazing at lowering pH but it can't be controlled or doesn't stop. I can filter hard tap water, 180TDS, 7.8pH, 8gH, 8kH through peat and get it to 30TDS, 4pH, 1gH, 0kH. That's too low and there is no way to stop it. I played extensively with peat and while it's great in that aspect, it's very hard to get consistent water from filtering through it.

What some people like discuss keepers do with peat is put it in a HOB filter and watch their pH. When it hits the level they want, they take it out, it rises, put it back in. Not an effective system.

The only way I thought to use peat would be in a large fishroom setting and have a holding tank for your water and that tank is plumbed to a sump full of peat. You run a pH controller like used for CO2, but instead it turns the sump pump on or off depending on the pH. That's about the only way I could come up with to use peat and have it come out consistent.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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